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Taiyuan University of Technology (TYUT) traces its origin back to the Western Learning School of Shanxi Grand Academy established in 1902, which is one of the three earliest national universities in China.  It has gone through a series of names, as Engineering Faculty of Shanxi Grand Acadamy, Institute of Technology, Shanxi University, Taiyuan Institute of Technology.  In 1953, it became an independent institution under the direct administration of Higher Education Ministry with the new name of Taiyuan Institute of Tecnology before it returned to Shanxi Province in 1962, anthoer name of Taiyuan University of Technology was adopted in 1984.  In 1997, then Taiyuan University of Technology merged with Shanxi Mining Institute established in 1958 and administered by the Ministry of Coal, and the new Taiyuan University of Technology was founded.  In the same year, TYUT was nominated a university for the National “211 Project” (a national promotion project for higher education in the 21st century).

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